Satan's deception through false ministers causes much disunity and division among the various congregations of God. At the very beginning of the early church, Satan began his plan to destroy the elect of God from within. The apostle Paul warned the elect at Corinth to be aware of this threat to their eternal lives

When we ask, “How much does Jesus love me?” we only need to look at the cross. He stretched out His hands and said, “I love you this much.” He gave His life to give you new life.

Somebody needs to hear ... they are worth your time.

Somebody needs to hear ... that God's grace is for them.

Somebody needs to hear ... that their darkest sins are not too dark for God's light.

Somebody needs to hear ... there is hope.

 Somebody needs to hear ... peace can come.

 Somebody needs to hear ... about a second chance through Jesus.

 Without us stepping out and doing our part, who's going to tell them?

God bless you all. We love you all and we are praying for you!