On a rainy night in a dark Manchester basement the Disco Outcasts first collaborated, playing space disco to a crowed of the Northern Quarter's cool cats... The vibe was electric, beer was flowing and onlookers had their heads nodding to this special new allegiance. Not knowing things were about to explode Stefano and Leo decided to relocate to the kitsch surroundings of Manchester's disco dive, better known as the Purple Pussycat. The pair instantly fell in love with the venue, thinking Daft Punk video meets 70's strip club and with much delight were snapped up with a Saturday night residency. The combination of the quirky basement and sleazy disco sound track makes this one of the most entertaining nights out in the city! With the duo attracting interest from some of the coolest underground promoters it was no surprise they have done this before! Stefano is a real legend in the Manchester music scene, having released records that sold in excess of 70,000 units and playing everywhere from the Hacienda to Glastonbury, from Ibiza to Reykjavík. Leo has quickly become one of the city's most exciting talents, with a record collection reminiscing those twice his age. Now in their second year the Disco Outcasts have featured as residents for club nights around the country and beyond... From representing London's Mondo Disco crew at The Garden in Croatia to creating a small disco scene in Blackburn at The Cellar with the help of heroes such as electro funk master Greg Wilson. Outside of their residencies the pair are ever busy with international bookings at some of the most weird and wonderful parties across Europe, plus a tour of the East and West Coast of the United States and Canada early next year. Outside the club the pair have some exciting studio plans, with Stefano's collaboration with Adam Strange 'Pulp Disco & The Outcasts' sparking a burning desire to make more music. If you love italo, cosmic, afro and boogie then look no further than Stefano and Leo... The Disco Outcasts!