What is Awdiobox?

Awdiobox is the easiest way to stream Live any kind of audio content

Until now, audio live streaming was a painfull experience.
Software that allows live stream are complexe to configure and requires a computer.
To meet this demand, Awdio introduces the brand new Awdiobox Mini .

Awdiobox Mini is a connected object that makes live stream quick and easy.
Everything is managed automatically by this concentrate of innovation that fits in
your hand. Its configuration is simple: connect and broadcast live.

How to use it

Step 1 Connect AwdioBox to power (mini USB cable) and wait until the blue led light switch on
Step 2 Start your Awdio Broadcast App on your smartphone
Step 3 Connect with bluetooth to AwdioBox by selecting “AwdioBoxXX” device on your app
Step 4 Connect Awdiobox to internet (wifi,ethernet) For Wifi select your network and enter your password
Step 5a Connect Awdiobox to external or use internal microphone (jack plug)
Step 5b Connect Awdiobox to Audio music desk mixer (jack plug)
Step 6 AwdioBox is ready to broadcast LIVE (Press start live button on your app)

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